For the mums amongst us this time of year is quite a challenge as bugs spread literally, like wild fire. Children get ill, pass it on to siblings and guess who’s next, yes mum!

I’ve just suffered such a hit. I’m normally incredibly active running a company and leading a busy family life (with a little me time thrown in), however life grinds to a halt when you’re unwell and I know I’m not alone. A friend said to me “when it hits mum, it hits hard” – boy was she right.

{13853:small,left} What us mums really need after a busy December and a million things to get done for all the family in January, is a new year boost.

Thank goodness I’m just back from a weekend at The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews . It’s one of the nicest places I have stayed - the rooms are luscious with loads of pillows (men just don’t get this), the food was exceptional and the service slick – it was the perfect place for some R&R post lurgy.

Whilst there, I treated myself to a RiverBath. Let me just say it was absolute bliss and the most wonderful experience.

{13854:small,right} I’d highly recommend you book yourself or a well deserving friend a treat at The Old Course Hotel online. Overnight gift vouchers and spa gift certificates are both available.

Or, why not treat yourself and your man to a stay for Valentine’s – there are vouchers for a round of golf too so you shouldn’t hear him complaining that you’re splashing out on the spa!

But if St Andrew's is just too far away for you then check out the Spa Vouchers & Experiences section in the directory where you'll find lots to tempt to you with.